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What can you do with Silverlight? Then out our Silverlight labs here.


See Silverlight for use data visualisations here.


Use of Silverlight for advanced mapping applications here


Silverlight for gaming here


Use of Silverlight/Mono for rich mobile applcations here


MP expenses

MP's expenseses via Bing Maps

Train Stations

How busy is your train station?
Making use of Bing Maps & Silverlight to produce an interactive map with push pins for each train station in the UK based on data from The Guardian and Yahoo GEO data.

Education blackspots

Using the Microsoft Bing Map control for Silverlight to display education blackspots around the UK.

MOT results

Visualisation of MOT results

Duck Shoot

Built using XNA via Silverlight, it's easy to create games that can easly be ported to Zune, PC, and Xbox.